HawkEye III™

HawkEye III is a combined airborne bathymetric and topographic multi sensor LiDAR system with two bathymetric channels, and one topographic channel. The system provides a full sea-floor search, has no limitation of shallow depths, and delivers a total seamless dataset in the transition zone from sea-bed to land. HawkEye III utilizes AHAB's unique Oblique LiDAR technology that illuminates objects from multiple angles, minimizing shadowing in the data. Oblique LiDAR is also superior for object detection - on land and in the water.


CHIROPTERA II™ is an innovative LiDAR system which simultaneously captures the full waveform in both the 35 kHz bathymetric channel and the 500 kHz topographic channel. The system targets the growing need for high accuracy data for environment data and surveying shallow water regions, i.e. survey depth down to 15 meters. The astonishing depth penetration capability K*Dmax =2.2 makes this the ultimate toolf for nearshore and land surveying. The shoreline is seamlessly captured. Included is also the Leica 80 MP RGB camera RCD30.

Recent News

Airborne Hydrography AB releases DragonEye Dual Head, the worlds first 1 MHz dual oblique LiDAR
3 Jun 2014

Today Airborne Hydrography AB announced that it launched its new and latest product the DragonEye Dual Head. It is the worlds first dual oblique topographic LiDAR system. The unique oblique scan pattern provides superior coverage with up to four data returns from each target on the ground. This maximizes the the vertical surface definition and minimizes shadowing and gaps in the coverage.

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